Results for a Summer’s Work

Results for a Summer’s Work

For the past week I was in a lab at Oregon State Universe in Corvallis, Oregon. The lab that I was in was run by Jenny Urbina who took us thought the process on how to see if any of the samples that we took over the past 2 months. We did both the guano samples and swabs of the bats.

When we completed all of the test, we found that in the samples that we process there was no sign of the fugues in the samples that we have collected during my internship which good for the bats in the area of the pacific northwest.

It was actually very interesting to see the process play out because there was so many different steps to get to the final product. Looking at the final product and seeing the results were a nice way to end things at Oregon state and it bring new knowledge for what I have to do in the field to make sure they have good samples in the lab.

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