On my blog #3 named Rock the Rhyolite I explained what is Unstable Slope Management Program (USMP) and the purpose and goal of the project. We rated 16 precarious slopes, 15 rockfalls, and only 1 landslide (Fig. 1) with the USMP methodology throughout Chiricahua National Monument. Ten slopes threaten roads, and 1 landslide is threatening the Bonita Canyon Campground. Types of rockfalls are predominantly raveling, undermining, differential erosion, and toppling. The landslide was a debris flow. Figure 2 shows slopes that are a hazard to Canyon Bonita Road (the main road of the park). The landslide has the highest score of 771 but it does not present a threat to the park at this point. Its high number has been assigned because if something happens it could be disastrous and it’s close to the camping area, which presents a risk to the people and buildings that are in the area. These are only preliminary results and more work is being currently done. 

Fig. 1 A summary of the rated slopes in Chiricahua National Monument characterized by their score and GPS location in the USMP website database.  
Fig. 2 Histogram of total USMP scores of slopes in Chiricahua National Monument. Total USMP scores indicate the potential for a fall and the impact it would have on roads. Slopes that are a hazard are in yellow (Fair) and red (Poor).

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