So I have been updating you guys a lot about bats facts this past couple weeks so I am going to come in fresh new topic about bird banding at Mt Rainier National Park. We have started bird banding and maps monitoring for avian population surveys. To complete these surveys, you set up 10 meters nets before sunrise and go on to around 11 or 12am. At our station is near a flooded out camp site. At our site we have 10 nets that are spaced out. So far we have been out 4 or 5 times with the most we have caught is 41 birds during one day. Which was pretty awesome because this isn’t my first summer doing birds banding. Another things that I found that is awesome is that I am actually learning how to band the birds this time around. Which is somethings pretty hard to do at first and still is but getting i am getting used to it which is awesome. some awesome birds we have capture so far are different types of woodpeckers, downy , flickers, american robins and chickadee and a lot more.

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