Where People Come Together

Where People Come Together

In a previous post I talked about how cool it is that government agencies are the keeper of so much information about everything, including natural resources. And often, with a little looking around, you’ll find that so much of that information is made available to the public for free (check out the National Park Service Data Store for example).

Another benefit of interning in this office this summer has been seeing not only what work is done in DOI offices, but how it’s done. Tele-working is encouraged. Flexible schedules are common. There are even opportunities called Details, in which you go do a job at a different park or office temporarily. There is a constant stream of interns coming in to assist and be trained. There are weekly webinars in which natural resource professionals from so many agencies and disciplines present preliminary findings from their most recent work. In so many offices like this one, a scientist has the opportunity to work on a variety of different resources from a variety of places. You can travel. You work with all kinds of partner organizations. I don’t think I have to worry about my future career ever being boring.

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