Jeff Corwin on Conservation

Jeff Corwin on Conservation

The Great Walden BioBlitz just happened to be on the hottest day of the year in Massachusetts with a high of 95. For more info on what is this BioBlitz? Check out my previous blog!

As our morning identification walks were wrapping up, we the Minute Man park staff were busy setting up an outdoor luncheon. Before the keynote speaker E.O. Wilson stood up to make his remarks, conservationist and TV host Jeff Corwin came up to talk about his efforts in conservation. Corwin has been around the world exploring and documenting the world’s most extreme species for his shows Going Wild With Jeff Corwin on Disney Channel and many other shows on Animal Planet. He spoke about how he didn’t do it just for the excitement of exploring cool species, his main goal was to show kids the wonders of nature and how important it is to protect it. In one of his speeches he said “I do this to take the youth on a journey that inspires them, that plants the kernel for a lifetime of discovery.”

During his speech he talked about how now is the time to teach youth about the Great Outdoors. Corwin continues to create documentaries and books enjoyable for kids to learn about nature, and even created a museum called the EcoZone in Norwell Massachusetts that helps kids learn about and interact with nature. To a group of over a hundred naturalists he ended his speech “We’re not inheriting this Earth from our parents, we’re borrowing it from our children.”

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