Ranger to Camera Man?

Ranger to Camera Man?

This week was very different than most. Since starting my waysides, we’ve had to do a lot of work to provide scientific information, but to also provide an interesting experience to the visitor. To catch the eye of the visitor there must be very good visuals, so we drove to Blue Mesa to take some pictures. The pictures we took were fantastic, thanks to the help of Jake Holgerson, the visual information specialist ranger we took some incredible photos.

Badlands seen from the Blue Mesa Loop Road.

Jake has been working the park for a number of years, he creates a lot of the posters , advertisements, as well as leading a night sky program at the park. He is a key part to interpretation, so that visitors can learn in a more interactive way as well as learn about how beautiful the night sky can be seen here northern Arizona. I

More Badlands and Mesas seen from the Blue Mesa Loop Road.

It was a interesting hike to Blue Mesa to see what pictures we wanted. Here are some samples of the beautiful Blue Mesa trail, so that you may enjoy them as well! The park has great sights all around, so the hardest part isn’t taking a good picture, but choosing from hundreds of them.

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