The Massive Move of the Monitoring Network

The Massive Move of the Monitoring Network

I am currently hiding away in an office while movers are outside. The vegetation crew and everyone else left for the week, but I am still holding it down here. I have been told that this move has been in the works since winter 2015 and today is finally the day. There is apparently a special moving crew coming across the state to handle the boxes. For the past two weeks everyone in the office has been packing up their offices and anything that is within them. We all looked at the blueprints countless times and know where everyone is sitting. My internship will end before the move is complete so I will not get a desk at the new place but it has been fun watching the new office get organized and put together.

My makeshift office

A lot of furniture has been given away to other parks. Wind Cave National Park gave some of the bigger desks a new home. All of us lifting and carrying the desks was a fun team building exercise for a group of scientists. It took more thinking than you would thing to fit some of those desks through doorways are around corners. The desks are also way heavier than any of us expected to so it was not only a challenge to get out the door with them, but getting them loaded onto the trailer in there right position. I am very proud of the team for getting the job done without and smashed toes or fingers.

My supervisors office that was designated as the “trash area” during the move

The office still has a ways to go but it has made a lot of progress thanks to lots of teamwork.

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