Alanna Bond

Alanna Bond

Being selected as the intern for Vicksburg National Military Park will give me more than just an exciting experience working with other local biologists. This program will allow me to gain more knowledge in my field with organisms that I have not yet researched, specifically euarthropods. I believe that my past experiences with insects and research has prepared me for my new role, and I am very excited to learn more about the ecological systems in the Mississippi Delta. 

Insects are a great indicator of how an environmental system is working, and I believe that it is important to explore and research these organisms to understand the various factor that can affect our local environment. This program allows me to do just that. Since I will be attending a biological master’s program in the fall, I think that this internship is the best fit for me to become a more successful student, biologist, and ecologist before I continue my studies. 

I will able to use the knowledge that I will gain from this program and apply it to my future professional goals in working with my local environment to create a healthier relationship between our environment and the people living within it. Another interest in this program is the opportunity to explore more organisms than just insects. I am excited for the option to work with other projects in the park, such as, amphibians and birds. As I begin to start my next chapter in obtaining a master’s degree, I am looking forward to bringing the knowledge I gain from this experience with me. Thank you.

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