Matt Butzin

Matt Butzin

My name is Matthew Butzin. I am currently a senior at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC) in Tifton, Georgia, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in natural resource management with a degree concentration in wildlife. Only requiring an additional semester to fulfill my degree requirements, I have learned nearly all that is required for this degree. Through my education at ABAC, I have gained a working knowledge of many aspects and techniques of wildlife management, including various sampling procedures, identification of hundreds of species of native flora and fauna, as well as an understanding of implementation of various forestry principles, such as prescribed fire. 

My interest in the Mosaics in Science program is primarily due to my desire for hands-on career experience that will ease my transition from college to a meaningful career in the wildlife management field. Through this internship and this program, I hope to gain the valuable tools and experience necessary to bring me closer to obtaining my ideal career, following completion of my degree. Although my degree path is in the broader scope of wildlife management as a whole, my ideal career is specifically within the field of fisheries management. 

I have always had a love for conservation of wildlife and natural resources, however I hope to use my abilities and experiences to further the conservation and wise use of our various fisheries and aquatic resources, so that these resources may be available for future generations to enjoy and conserve as I have. I believe that the internship opportunity presented to me by the Mosaics in Science program will enable me to achieve this.

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