Cory Zaller-Edmonds

Cory Zaller-Edmonds

I am about to graduate from Hiram college with a BA in environmental studies. After four years of college I realize that being outside or working outside is what I want to do for the rest of my life. After completing this internship, I can achieve a career like that once I get enough work hours. What I also like about this internship is that I can work in a professional setting the whole summer and just soak in all of knowledge that I would get from my manager.

For my future I want to work in the field with the National Park Service or another organization that would allow me to work outdoors. Working outdoors is something that is actually really important to me because you can wake up every day and see or do something new that you haven’t seen before. I think that is what really made me interested in Mosaics and also being able to work outdoors with the Park Service

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