A Summer Exploring Wind Cave

A Summer Exploring Wind Cave

This summer, my focus will lie on creating a geology training manual for the Interpretation and Education division of Wind Cave National park. This geologic resource manual will help future park interpreters and staff effectively communicate the geologic history of the park to visitors. Due to an alteration in the internship, I will not be conducting guided cave tours to engage visitors because all tours are currently suspended. In the coming weeks, I hope to visit the park and be able to speak with staff and possibly get a first-hand experience of the cave.

Wind Cave has a unique geologic history as it had formed in phases, and these phases contributed to the fascinating formations seen in the cave today. Thousands of visitors come to the park each year to get a glimpse of the wonders that occupy the cave. Although I will not have the opportunity to lead tours, I look forward to engaging with visitors at the visitor center so I can communicate the geologic, cultural, and natural history of Wind Cave. By producing this interpretive guide, I will be supporting the National Park Service’s mission in wanting to provide the maximum amount of enjoyment for visitors, while also educating them on why resources such as Wind Cave need to be preserved.

Photo Credit: NPS
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