Euarthropoda in Vicksburg

The Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly is one of many types of butterflies that ca be found in Vicksburg.

Euarthropoda in Vicksburg

As my first month as a biology assistant intern is coming to a close, I have learned so much from my park mentor and from the park itself. For this week’s blog, I am excited to present my projects at the Vicksburg National Military Park!

The first project I would like to present is the surveying of euarthropods in the park. Euarthropoda is the animal phylum that includes invertebrate species like insects and spiders. As a biology assistant intern, I will oversee documenting and gathering information about the Euarthropda species that inhabit the park. In addition to this project, I will be designing a pamphlet for the visitors of the park! This public pamphlet will serve as an insect guide while touring the park. It will be a great learning tool for visitors of all ages and will make the public more aware of all the various species in the area! I am so excited about this part of the project because of all the benefits and information that I will provide to the public!

The Mississippi Delta is home to a vast amount of life and specifically insects. Although insects are small, these bugs have a lot to offer to the park and the surrounding environments. Their roles may go unnoticed, but these roles can make or break an ecosystem! Many insects and arachnids are keystone species, meaning that they have vital roles within their ecosystems. Whether these small organisms help decompose waste or consume unwanted pests, I hope by the end of this summer I can make any tourist of the park into a well-versed entomologist!

Feel free to check in bi-weekly for more updates and blogs on my upcoming projects!

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