My Project

My Project

So, my project is turning out to be interesting and engaging, yet somewhat complicated. Because of the delayed start time for the internship, a lot of my duties here had to be reduced or cut out. Thankfully, the main duty of monitoring Piping Plover nests on the island and effectively making sure they survive the season as an endangered species in the area, is still in tact. I started that task as soon as I got here in Monday. The part that had to be pulled back slightly is the marsh bird surveying. Unfortunately, the time frame for some of that work was disrupted so now, instead of doing full surveys along side the plover monitoring, I’ll be doing some slight surveying in the coming weeks.

I been absolutely loving the Island though. When working is defined by traveling up and down the beach all day checking on and recording the status of the cutest birds of all time and their nests, it’s hard to complain. Although, the mosquitoes out here are so abundant that stepping outside for less than a minute will result in a full cloud of them swarming you. Nonetheless, I’m absolutely excited to get started on the marsh bird habitat surveys and I am abundantly grateful for being able to do this every day, especially now.

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