Staying Social with Social Media!

Amani Canada audio records a hatchling release with Nick Meyer, Dr. Donna Shaver, and Cynthia Rubio (left to right).

Staying Social with Social Media!

These days, you can find me giggling to myself in my office as I come up with my latest sea turtle content for the Division of Sea Turtle Science and Recovery’s social media. Much of this content hasn’t been posted yet, but I can’t help but be incredibly excited!

I’ve spent these past couple of weeks learning about the park, its people, and the nature that thrives right next door. However, I didn’t come down here just to learn and experience. I’ve also come to share those experiences and that knowledge with the public which is especially important right now.

My internship is working as the Science Communication Assistant at Padre Island National Seashore. Initially, I thought this would amount to social media work, creating and sharing content that informed the public of the wonderful work being done at the Division of Sea Turtle Science and Recovery. While that is happening, the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly increased the physical distance between many people and the national park. During my work here so far, it is clear from everyone at the Division that they are dedicated to virtually sharing as much as possible with the public while maintaining the safety of everyone. Thus, my work has taken on a whole different layer that I am ready to tackle.

It has only been a pleasure to come up with new content and methods to talk about the exciting happenings at the park. Just this morning, we had our first successful Facebook Live stream of a sea turtle hatchling release. Typically, there are 20-25 hatchling releases that the public can attend during the summer months. Hundreds to thousands of people show up to each of these releases, often times coming from around the country. They are an important way to connect with the public and have to take look completely different now with Covid-19 guidelines. The hatchling releases may be different now, but I hope to make them enjoyable for viewers and to reach even more people than they did when they were in person.

It’s been exciting coming up with new ways to share with others and to be plucked out of my office to join whatever new unusual adventure that’s happening that day. So far, I’ve seen a nesting turtle on the beach, a stranded turtle taken to the Texas State Aquarium Wildlife Rescue Center, and two local charismatic fishermen have a good laugh on a live stream with Dr. Donna Shaver, the Chief of the Division. I hope to have much more content to share about these adventures and more, so please make sure to check out the Padre Island Division of Sea Turtle Science and Recovery’s Facebook page!

Until then, much love!

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