Quite the Adjustment

Quite the Adjustment

So far, working on this project has been very interesting, as I am confined to exploring Wind Cave virtually. Despite not physically being at my site, my supervisor has worked hard to make me feel included and useful to the Interpretation and Education division of Wind Cave National Park. In our frequent check-in calls, I have met multiple employees who work in different departments, and have learned a lot about what their responsibilities are. The best part about talking to Wind Cave’s lead interpreter or one of the physical data scientists is connecting how they all work towards the same goal, which is to preserve Wind Cave National Park and effectively communicate that importance to visitors from all walks of life.

I am happy to see that all of the people I have spoken to (via conference calls) express how much they love what they do. Having them explain their experiences helps me grasp the magnitude of their work and how it all links to the relevancy of conserving the park for future generations to come. It is very inspiring for me as well because I learn that many of the higher-ups started in the same position as me. It goes to show that with hard work and dedication, you can make a difference. I am definitely considering a future working with the National Park Service because the agency emphasizes the concepts of restoration, conservation, and preservation of natural and cultural resources.

Teleworking in my makeshift office.
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