Warm Winds

Warm Winds

So this post is going to be closer to the way I write in my own journal…

The past week has been one hell of a ride. Aside from walking up and down the beach all day in sweltering heat, searching for broods that may or may not still be there, I have been going through it lately. Not because of anybody I work with or the park itself, but because of my own worries and fears for the future. I’ve been somewhat concerned with what may come next for me considering the state of the country right now. It’s hard for me to envision myself continuing in this field for an extended time. Thats Not to say that I don’t love the work and treasure the experiences, but I find my personal and professional interests beginning to align more and more. The more I learn the more I crave more knowledge and it’s a feeling I can’t ignore or silence.

It’d sure be nice if I had my laptop to type all of this out right now! Oh I forgot to mention, my laptop screen broke yesterday. I was sitting typing on it and mid keystroke, the screen starts cracking and the light slowly fades to darkness. I’ve already begun the process to get it fixed but this does complicate finishing my project and assembling my photos and a final report. I can still take photos on my phone and upload them, and I can create a final report in the Google Docs app. But the final project would be exceedingly difficult to piece together on my phone. I’ll do what I have to but here’s to hoping I can get it fixed with time to finish everything.

In any case, I’m still thoroughly enjoying my internship and the people here(though it can be a bit lonely sometimes) and I’m immensely grateful for this opportunity. The warm winds coming off the ocean at night and the stars blanketing the sky; the scene and setting are so beautiful. I just wish I could share these moments with my friends.

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