Greetings from your computer screen

Phone, MIS sticker and name tage for Samantha Ye on top of a laptop keyboard

Greetings from your computer screen

I may be doing my internship remotely this summer, but I can assure you I will be extremely present on your LCD screens. 

Hi! I’m Samantha Ye, the science communication intern for the Urban Ecology Research Learning Alliance (UERLA), based in Washington D.C. Starting in June, I will begin my work with the George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication. 

Thanks to the pandemic, I’ll be contributing digitally from right here from my home in Northern Colorado. (This is me waving from the Front Range 👋🏼.) Luckily, my personal skills have long included “being too online” so I’m looking forward to channeling that status into meaningful work over the next 12-weeks and beyond. 

Career-wise, I have always wanted to enter public service and contribute to our communities’ understanding of how we interact with our world. In many ways, that makes this internship a mini-dream job of sorts. 

Over the next few months, I’ll be compiling the most accurate and accessible information we have on the critical topic of climate change and helping send it out into the public. Not only is this work important for our nation, our ice caps, and our world, it’s also a task I’m excited to approach as a recent Colorado State University graduate with a Bachelor’s in Journalism and Economics. The 8-year-old me who spent her summers presenting environmental textbooks to her parents would no doubt be proud of herself now.

While some part of me still can’t believe I turned in my last undergraduate paper exactly one week ago, writing this first blog post has certainly helped me look forward to what I’ll be doing in the future (by which I mean the next three months. Who’s to say what’s beyond that?). So thanks for reading and I hope you’ll stick around to see what I accomplish!

If you would like to hear me introduce myself, here’s a video of that! It is only moderately awkward.

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