hares, wolves and moose, oh my! a look into what Isle royale national park is like.

hares, wolves and moose, oh my! a look into what Isle royale national park is like.

Isle Royale National Park is an island located in the cold waters of Lake Superior.  Due to its location this has caused it to be one of the least visited national parks. The island is made up of lush green forests, rocky shoreline edges and rich inland swamps. A few different things make this island special: 1)being home to the longest running predator and prey study, 2) the island is infamous for its moose and wolf population dynamics. 3) Besides the wolf and moose, the island is home to a variety of meso-predators like martens and foxes. 4) Along with this the island harbors two different forest types; Along the rugged shoreline side being a boreal forest while the inland of the island being a deciduous forest.

Words cannot describe the beauty that Isle Royale holds, but I will try my best to describe it for you. The waters of Lake Superior are like a siren. Beautiful as they are deadly, filled with the remains of ships that tested their fate against her. Her ice-cold waters welcome you to the island but warn you to never anger her.  The wildlife runs wild and free, tolerating the presence of human visitors as they know this land belongs to them. The weather is fierce and indecisive, changing constantly at the drop of the dime. Thick fog, rain, intense wind and sunny days can all happen within an hour here on Isle Royale. The ancient boreal forests are filled with Spanish moss that hangs from old trees whispering secrets to those that listen. The woods feel never ending as their twisting paths lead visitors to the heart of the island, the Greenstone Ridge. I myself cannot tell you about this as it is something you must explore yourself. I encourage all to visit Isle Royale once in their lives, as it truly is a unique experience.

  • Dalia Smith
    Posted at 19:32h, 02 July

    Amazing! I’ve always wanted to visit Isle Royal. Lake Superior is my favorite of the great lakes and I visit her to recharge my spirit.

  • Susie Torrez
    Posted at 14:23h, 08 July

    Wow sounds awesome, scary and interesting at the same time! Thank you for sharing your adventures Ana!