Hello from Fairbanks

Hello from Fairbanks

Hello, my name is Lynneva Carroll, and welcome back to my blog. I am here for my second season of Mosaics in Science, which I am so excited to start. This season I am interning for the Central Alaska Network again as a biology and science communication intern, and will be working out of my hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska when I’m not in the field. 

First, to recap what I have been up to, last summer I put together a video about Yellow-billed Loon conservation and how they are impacted by contaminants. This was part of a larger series of videos that were being done by other park interns about different aspects of Yellow-billed loon conservation. I did some field work in Denali as well, working on a vole survey. 

Since then, I have been busy with my classes at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, and exploring the astonishing amount of ski trails Fairbanks hosts. I have been able to get out of town a couple times, including a fishing trip in Valdez, Alaska, a caribou hunt up the highway, and a recent camping trip down to Girdwood, Alaska. 

This summer, I will be making a video about the recovery of the peregrine falcon population in the Yukon-Charley Rivers preserve. I’ll be going on multiple field work outings this summer. My first is next week, when we’ll be going out onto the Yukon River for the first peregrine survey, which will be a couple of weeks long. There will be no internet or cell service, so if I end up having a very erratic posting schedule, well, that’s why! I’ll also be spending some time in Denali National Park and Preserve, doing a vole survey. 

Looking forward to a great summer!

During my camping trip to Girdwood, Alaska, we hiked the Winner Creek trail, at the Alyeska Ski Resort near the Chugiak National Park

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