shAll i tell you about me?

Showing off new MIS gear on a turtle patrol 5/20/21

shAll i tell you about me?

I’m Jailyn Hoskins, a Biology Conservation Assistant for Padre Island National Seashore! In the fall I will be a senior attending the University of New Orleans. Up until this semester I have been a Pre-med student and have decided instead to pursue science communication.

Through the Mosaics in Science program, I am excited to meet people passionate about the sciences and learn from those around me including my fellow interns! I am excited to be working with the endangered Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle and show the important work being done at the park.

After completing my undergraduate degree I would like to work as a conservation photographer. I love to learn, explore, and teach others. Photography allows for those to intersect in a very unique way. I’m excited to show others through my work the wonderful things that nature has to offer and the people working hard to protect and restore the wildlife around us.

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