The Beginning Of A New Adventure; My Arrival To Isle Royale National Park

The Beginning Of A New Adventure; My Arrival To Isle Royale National Park

“The beginning can be scary, and the end is sometimes sad. It is the middle that counts.”

 This was the advice that my mentor gave me before leaving to come to Isle Royale National Park.  My name is Ana Arce; I am a recent first-generation graduate from the University of Michigan, where I majored in Wildlife Biology. This summer I will be in the field working on the snowshoe hare survey. I am eager to learn while I am here, as everyone here has a wealth of knowledge. I can’t wait to see what this summer holds.

            My journey to the Isle began in my hometown of Saginaw, MI and stretched us straight north through the entirety of Michigan’s lower peninsula in a span of about three hours by car.  When we finally laid eyes on the magnificent Mackinaw Bridge, she ushered us into the upper peninsula properly. To make it to the port town of Houghton, MI we still yet had about four hours of travel. With a total of seven hours of travel, we had finally arrived! The upper peninsula’s scenery is as majestic as it is expansive, and I could not wait to see more.

            Reaching Isle Royale is no easy task. Now comes the second leg of my journey, taking the Ranger III ferry ride north to the island in the meanest, most tumultuous of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior. The ride can take around six hours on average if difficult weather does not force a delay or cancellation. Thankfully my departure was on a perfectly nice, sunny day and the lake was calm and peaceful. I like to think to myself that this was isle Royale’s way of welcoming me to experience her grandeur and wilderness for my short eleven weeks stay. 

  • Tom Wiedell
    Posted at 19:48h, 13 June

    Ana, I will warn you before it happens so you don’t feel like you’ve gone crazy! Isle Royale is a place like no other you’ve experienced. Just like the fictional island Bali Hai in the great movie, South Pacific, Isle Royale is going to keep calling you to return for the rest of your life. Isle Royale isn’t “the most returned national park” for nothing, it is true.
    As a young boy my family first traveled over there in a couple of too small boats in 1964 and the island has been gnawing at me to keep returning ever since. Since my two daughters visited with me when they were very young and now they dreaming of returning again too. My older brother, Dr Mike and his wife Kathy are visiting there right now and staying in the McCargo Cove area on their boat, the Marion C. They always make a brief visit to Rock Harbor during their vacation. Mike and Kathy have succumbed to the Island’s call over 50 times. Friend Chuck Johnson and his lovely wife will be visiting in a couple of weeks in the most beautiful 29’ boat ever. If you get a chance to meet Chuck, just tell him, Captain Tom sent you. My website on Facebook is “Hawghunter Charters” you can reach me from there and enjoy some videos of my Isle Royale visits. Safe travels, Captain Tom Wiedell

  • Susie Torrez
    Posted at 14:19h, 08 July

    Loved hearing about your journey to the Island! Be safe and enjoy your work. 🐭🐢🐦