Greetings From the North Cascades

Greetings From the North Cascades

Hello, and welcome to my blog! My name is Edwin Torres. I am a recent, first-generation graduate from Central Washington University, where I majored in Geography.

This summer I will be working as a Native Plant Propagation Assistant at North Cascades National Park. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity as it has been a dream of mine to work for the National Park Service and I get to work with PLANTS! I will be assisting the team at my site with maintaining their current restoration projects and preparing for upcoming projects. North Cascades National Park has amazing botanical diversity! I am eager to learn as much as I can about the native plant species of the park and how they were utilized by indigenous peoples.

A little more about who I am; I grew up in a small town in eastern Washington called Moses Lake. Believe it or not, it resembles a desert, as it is located in the shrub-steppe ecoregion of Washington. My hometown receives less than 9 inches of precipitation annually, This is much less when compared to North Cascades, but the diverse ecoregions of this state are what I love the most about it. Prior to pursuing my degree I served in the Marine Corps where I was a helicopter mechanic. My love for the outdoors developed after I finished my service and decided to visit a National Park. I remember driving to the Giant Forest in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park and just being amazed by those enormous trees! I was also bummed out a bit because it had taken me so long to visit one of these parks. That is why I am excited to contribute to making these beautiful areas more accessible in any way that I can. I love to hike and just be in nature whenever possible. As, you probably have guessed, I find plants fascinating. I love music of all types, but Latin music will forever have a special place in my heart! From rancheras to reggaetón and everything in between, it all just feels like home and family. I love to spend time with my family and friends and live my life a day at a time!

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