The Mosaics Team up you didn’t know you needed

The Mosaics Team up you didn’t know you needed

My first week at Mount Rainier has only compounded my gratefulness to be participating in such a cool Internship. However, my trip got off to a rocky start as 15 minutes after entering the park housing unit I would be residing in, I proceeded to lock myself out. Luckily a park employee happened to have an extra key and heroically let me back in. The next morning, I got an incredible glimpse of Mount Rainier as I drove to meet up with Marwa, a fellow Mosaics intern based in Mount Rainier studying rare carnivores. Marwa was nice enough to let me join her on some of her field work which involved searching for a habituated fox named Whitefoot! It was really awesome to have another Mosaics intern showing me the ropes.

Thanks for letting me tag along Marwa!

A Whitebark Pine at Sunrise

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