helmet hair + learning

helmet hair + learning

I’ve learned so much at the park these past few weeks. I’ve done training to tag turtles, patrol, and drive Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV). I’ve gotten to witness first hand how things are done here and Padre Island National Seashore and be a part of it! 

When female Kemp’s ridley turtles emerge from the waters to nest, they are checked for tags or tagged by a patroller. Tagging allows for identification of individuals that have returned to nest or have stranded. A stranded turtle is one that has washed ashore alive or dead. Sea turtle populations are tagged all over the world to monitor population dynamics. 

Learning to drive the UTV was a little scary but fun! I got to meet people from other divisions who were also doing the training. We were on the beach to simulate patrolling conditions and get a feel for driving in the sand. 

Hatchling season has begun! I’m going to be documenting the releases as well as helping the park with their social media coverage of the releases!

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