Pacific island paradise- From Ocean-fronts to the lab

Pacific island paradise- From Ocean-fronts to the lab

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) gel of coral DNA under UV light. Solid lit bands indicating high clarity of wanted DNA present

Maila hålom and welcome to the War in the Pacific National Historic Park. Located on the Pacific Island of Guam which is located approximately at 13.44°N 144.79°E. The Park is memorial of the battles and sacrifices made in World War II during the recapture by America from Japanese occupation. The park manages ~6 Sites overall sites with 2 of them containing beach fronts. There are also inland unit which serves more of a memorial and preservation of historical items/history of what has occurred on the island. One of the places to visit before seeing the physical locations would be the T. Stell Newman Visitor Center where would be able to watch small documentary of the effects of the World War II had on the island. The other units of the park show some historical significance such as the Piti Guns Trail showing the old weapons and the Asan Beach Unit where the tactical location where allied forces infiltrated to reclaim the island. As a monitoring area and preserve area, the main hope is to maintain the natural resources and preservation o the ecosystem for future generations to look back upon the history.

              The park system here is also involved with the Coral Monitoring program which is collaborative with University of Guam to help understand and mitigate damage during the bleaching season (which is the summer)! I will also be looking into coral genetics in order to help understand why certain corals are more heat resistant compared to others!

Fieldwork surveys of coral health along transects
transect survey lines


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