First Week at Point Reyes Station

First Week at Point Reyes Station


I wanted to talk a little bit about my first week working as a biology assistant intern here at Point Reyes Station. First of all, one can tell how much history this site has the minute they drive in. The first thing that I noticed when I turned into the complex was the red barn on my left that let me know that there is a lot I want to learn about this site, and the many things that have taken place here in the past.

The office buildings themselves are all old houses that have everything a good office should on the inside, but have a lot of history and character when looking at them from the outside. I had a great time meeting my new coworkers as well as learning a lot more about the project I am going to be working on. The most exciting thing I got to do however, was help gather data on salmon that are on their way downstream to head for the ocean, otherwise known as smolts. I always love hands-on experience, especially when it comes to fish. I thoroughly look forward to what is ahead of me this summer.

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