Tropic Like It’s Hot!

Tropic Like It’s Hot!

Håfa Adai!
This is Xavier Quinata, coming to you guys from the island of Guam, where I am from and where I will be spending my summer as an intern at the War in the Pacific National Historical Park. This internship means a lot to me, as I am given the opportunity to learn about my island on a much deeper level. Please enjoy my short introductory video, and I welcome you to follow along on my journey as a Mosaics in Science intern!

Introductory Video: Xavier Quinata

Video Transcription:

“Buenas yan Håfa Adai everyone! My name is Xavier Quinata, and I am an Environment for the Americas intern under the Mosaics in Science program. We’re over here at the War in the Pacific National Historical Park on the beautiful island of Guam where I’m gonna be working as a natural resources management assistant. This summer, my project will include a lot of data collection and analysis of the park’s coral reef ecosystems. And, honestly, I’m just really looking forward to getting into the water, getting into the field, and learning more about Guam’s marine environment.”

  • Mike Gawel
    Posted at 00:09h, 12 June

    Hafa Adai Xavier, Welcome to NPS! Until I retired two years ago I was NPS manager of the natural resources in Guam and Saipan National Parks for ten years and worked with Mosaics interns. Hope to see you this summer and even join you in the field if possible.
    Mike Gawel

    • Xavier Quinata
      Posted at 19:59h, 21 June

      Buenas Mike! Thanks for introducing yourself. I hope to see you in the field as well, and I’m looking forward to meeting you in person!