11,000 Feet In Elevation and Climbing

11,000 Feet In Elevation and Climbing

(Songs of the Week: “Roddy” by Djo and “Topdown” by Channel Tres)

Hey guys! The tundra is breathtaking! Every time I am up here, I try to appreciate the environment that I am in and take it all in. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of walking around up here. Especially when I get the cool chance to see a marmot or traveling elk. My favorite part of my internship has been being able to explore such unfamiliar terrain; it is a different world in the tundra and I count myself as lucky to be able to work here everyday. I would definitely say that being able to understand the tundra has been one of my favorite parts of the internship. I used to be intimidated by the environment and how harsh it is (especially coming from Texas, where it is 100 degrees in the summer), but the more time I have spent up here exploring, I’ve learned to not only respect the tundra but also to understand how fragile it is. Most of these wildflowers are slow-growing and can survive in extreme weather conditions, but they are not able to survive repeated trampling by people. This field of wildflowers is a really great example of how beautiful and fragile the tundra can be. Unfortunately, I was only able to get to this field of wildflowers after following a social trail. But it’s through my own experiences up here that I have learned how to properly appreciate the landscape and protect it. 

Getting to work with other people at the park has been such a cool experience. I have been able to learn so much from other people: my lead Paige, supervisors, and other interns who have more experience. Being able to be in an environment such as the Rockies where other people share the same mission and goals has allowed me to learn a lot. Collaborating and working alongside people in higher-up positions allows me to get some insight and realistically set personal and professional goals. Overall, getting to say that the Rockies is my office for the summer is an experience that I will cherish and take with me for the rest of my life. I don’t think I will get tired of seeing the mountains, the wildlife, and the people every day that I am here. 

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