See You Later Rocky

See You Later Rocky

Songs of the Week: “Insomniac” by Memo Boy and “Witches” by Alice Phoebe Lou

Hey y’all! It’s been a while hasn’t it? Since it’s been a while since we talked let me tell you about what’s been going on at Rocky and in my life since last time. We all went on our trip to DC and it was one of the coolest experiences and I’m so happy I got the opportunity to fly out to DC! I’ve never been to DC so this was a really important trip for me. I still remember seeing the Lincoln Memorial for the first time. I never realized how huge it is! (Fun Fact: Lincoln’s hand is clenched and the other relaxed to symbolize his strength and compassion). It was such a cool experience to get to meet the other interns and hear about their experiences at the other parks! These people who I’ve only ever talked to through on WhatsApp were right in front of me and they were all so cool! Everybody’s drive and passion for their work is what inspired me about the type of work we all did over the summer. I got to present my work over the summer to all of the interns and was so nervous to be up there. I had some technical difficulties with my presentation but was also just happy to have been able to show my work from the summer! Afterward, I got to explore DC with all the other interns. I got to go to cool museums and saw the White House! We all got to have one last dinner together and we were all able to hang out with everyone before we all had to go back home. 

Now we’re back to present day. I am in Rocky and the weather is starting to change. The temperatures are dropping and the air feels fresher! I sense fall in my bones. The weather has been so beautiful here for the past week. The first time I came to the Rockies when I was 19 was in the fall. I remember feeling the fall weather in Colorado, getting to explore the Rockies with my family, and seeing the Aspens changing color. This is the time period when I fell in love with the Rockies and made it my personal goal to get to work at the Rockies. Three years later and I have the wonderful opportunity to say that I’ve been living here for the past 5 months. I’m excited to get to fall in love all over again with the Rockies. I’ve had the opportunity to read next to the river that runs through the town while reading “Braiding Sweetgrass”. The book is very beautiful and is helping me understand nature through a more personable and nurturing lens. It’s always a nice reminder of why I am in the field I am in and to gain perspective about nature through the lens of indigenous wisdom. I hope everyone gets the opportunity to read it someday. Work is starting to wrap up for me here at Rocky, I’m coming up on my last month of working here and it’s bittersweet. It feels like I only just got here and it already feels like I’m settling down. Now I have to start getting ready to leave right when the weather is at its most beautiful. But nonetheless I am still so happy for the opportunity I had to work here at the Rockies. This will be a time in my life that I will cherish until the day I’m an old fart. It’s funny how only now that I’m typing this stuff out that I am feeling proud of myself and really grateful for the opportunity to get to work here! I was able to do thing I never thought possible like summiting a mountain. I was able to reach the top of Mount Ida and I was so proud of myself! I was able to learn so many cool things about natural resources and got to meet amazing people along the way. Though my time here at Rocky has been brief, I am still so grateful for the experiences I was able to have here. It’s been an amazing and beautiful summer. And it’ll be an even more bittersweet goodbye in the fall. 

I just want to say a special thank you to Mosaics in Science and Rocky Mountain National Park for the opportunity to work here. I’m sad to be leaving Rocky when this has been my home for the summer. I’ve appreciated every day I have worked here. I was so happy to have even been able to get an interview and now that I’m here I am filled with so much joy! And an even more special thank you to my family for supporting me and my dreams. Hope you guys follow me on my journey and see me grow from here. I’ve got to get going so I’ll talk to y’all later! 

I’m not great at goodbyes so we’ll just say see you later 🙂 

Love, Keily 

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