Mosaics in Science Intern at Yosemite National Park

I am standing in a meadow with Yosemite Falls in the mountain behind me

Mosaics in Science Intern at Yosemite National Park

I am very excited to be the Mosaics in Science Intern in Yosemite National Park

Hi, welcome to my first Mosaics in Science Internship blog. As stated in my introductory video, my name is Julio A. Campis Díaz and I’m a Mosaics in Science Intern for the Environment for the Americas and National Park Service. I’ll be spending my summer in Yosemite National Park, California. I’ll be helping park biologist study Great Grey Owl (Strix nebulosa Yosemitensis) ecology through telemetry and vegetation data protocols. I’m excited to explore the mountains, waterfalls, and biodiversity that the Sierra Nevada has to offer.

First week in Yosemite National Park

What an exciting and incredible start as a Mosaics in Science Intern. My first week has varied among safety protocol, Terrestrial Wildlife Branch Orientation, and field training. Every day has been an adventure, walking in the snow, meadows, sub-alpine ecosystems looking for owls, learning about black bears, and the culture of the park.

This summer will be very promising

I can already tell just by this fraction that the Mosaics in Science Internship will be a journey full of professional and personal growth,

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