New Scientific Experiences at ORCA

New Scientific Experiences at ORCA

Howdy folks!

This is a bittersweet blog, but not my last one. All I can say is that my time at Oregon Caves has been amazing. This place and my mentors will be something that I will always cherish. I have learned so much from Ivan and Sierra– they have made a huge impact in my life as a person and as a scientist. As someone who has only studied aquatic and marine ecosystems, I was in for a good learning experience/challenge when I came to Oregon Caves. I am fortunate to say that I had my first choice offered to me, and I took it right away because I had never worked in a cave and there is always room to learn more. I had never visited the pacific northwest before, and what better place to come and study caves and mammals than ORCA?! No other one, this park is amazing. I even got to be part of a cave rescue training because it is always good to be prepared in case of emergencies. The friendships that I’ve made with everyone here, the connections, and the skills that I’ve learned will be things that I will take everywhere I go. All this knowledge that I have acquired here will be very useful for graduate school, and I am thankful for this experience.

My internship is not over yet, but man will I be sad to leave this beautiful park. Stay tuned for my next/last blog post where I will be sharing my time in Washington D.C. and giving you a glimpse of my poster presentation!

Cave Rescue training (Teams involved: Resource Management, Maintenance, and Interpretation)
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