The Large Engine That Could

The Large Engine That Could

Cuyahoga, the large engine that could made it to Cuyahoga

View Of The Park

Within Cuyahoga Valley National Park, there is a scenic railway offering people a unique experience to view the park from a train ride. The conductors greeted me with a warm smile at the station and welcomed me aboard. This set the tone for the viewing of the park.  The train provides an insight of the valley from the view of the window. Once the diesel fired up the ride, the famous rumbling horn was ready to go. I started the ride in Peninsula with historic buildings lined up and where my office for work is and worked my way down to the city of Akron. Throughout the trip, I took notes of the river and its state on the woody debris since this is my main project for the park. 

Woody Debris 

From the window seat I could see the park from a different perspective. The train ride helped me take notes on where large pieces of woody debris are laying in the river. As the train made its way through the park, the woody debris was scattered in different positions in the river. The elevated viewpoint had a great view of the water’s surface and its woody debris build up. 

From the view of my seat, not only did I enjoy the scenic route of the park, I also enjoyed the beautiful change in view of my woody debris project. I was able to see kayakers choose the best route around the woody debris and the habitats around it as well. 

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