Who’s Gonna Carry The Boats?

Who’s Gonna Carry The Boats?

One of the most inspirational human beings is a man named David Goggins. David Goggins had a tremendously challenging upbringing. However, he managed to uplift himself from difficult circumstances and push himself to extraordinary physical achievements. He has run races exceeding 100 miles, set world records by performing over 4000 pull-ups, and accomplished much more. David Goggins has become the epitome of mental toughness for many fitness enthusiasts. 

One of his notable sayings is “Who’s gonna carry the boats?” This phrase stems from his time in Navy SEAL training, where he had to transport boats over long distances and hold them up for hours. “Who’s gonna carry the boats?” signifies the ability to step up and perform under pressure when faced with adversity. It serves as a motivational question, challenging individuals to demonstrate resilience and determination when confronted with challenging circumstances.

Ranger Allison Horrocks showing of one of the machines used in Slater Mill
Ranger Mark Mello leading tour of Slater Mill

Two remarkable individuals who consistently demonstrate the “carrying the boats” mentality at the Blackstone River Valley National Historic Site are Mark Mello and Allison Horrocks, both dedicated rangers. They consistently go above and beyond to excel in their roles, never shying away from the hard work required to be the best.

Some may underestimate the significance of the “carrying the boats” mentality for Interpretive Rangers, but Mark and Allison embody it with remarkable dedication. Their primary responsibility is to foster a profound connection between the public and the site, evoking a heartfelt and emotional response. While this task may seem easier at larger parks like Zion, the Grand Canyon, or Yosemite, with their breathtaking beauty that captivates visitors effortlessly, it becomes notably more challenging at a smaller park like the Blackstone River Valley. The unassuming sight of two small mills by a river often leads unaware passersby to overlook the existence of a National Park. However, Mark and Allison, through their unwavering efforts, possess an unparalleled ability to delve deep into the park’s history, unearthing connections that remain concealed from others. They skillfully navigate the absence of grandeur, compensating with their passion, knowledge, and tireless commitment. Through their dedication, they successfully instill a genuine sense of care and establish an authentic connection with visitors. 

My first encounter with a tour led by Mark and Allison left me astonished by their skill in revealing the park’s beauty and igniting my personal concern for its preservation. Witnessing their behind-the-scenes efforts, I realized the immense amount of work they invest in their craft. Their dedication is truly inspiring. Despite the park’s relative lack of attention compared to larger counterparts, they spare no effort in creating exceptional programs that surpass expectations. Through their unwavering commitment, Mark and Allison epitomize the concept of carrying the boats, ensuring that the park receives the attention and recognition it deserves.

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  • Bonnie Heiser
    Posted at 13:28h, 19 July

    Well written and inspiring. Makes me want to go there.