Buck Island At Night: Nocturnal Season

Buck Island At Night: Nocturnal Season

     Night In the Life: Nocturnal 


Office work is has its perks but field work will always have my heart. 12 hours on the beaches of Buck Island allows for a whirlwind of emotions and different tasks. I was able to capture this and compile them into a short video. Enjoy!


Posted the video on Tik Tok for easy viewing: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8YuMJ9T

                                 The Female Book

This is a page from the Female Book that is made for every season. Its purpose is to keep track of all the activities and pieces of the workup that has been done on each turtle. At the top we have the primary tag of each turtle along with the species. The primary tag is the first inconel tag placed on the turtles flippers. The last thing I want to address is the top right corner of the page that says “Remi (y/n)”. This is an abbreviation for remigrant, letting us know whether or not the turtle is new to the program or has been seen in prior years. 


My supervisor Kristen Ewen guiding me in inserting a pit tag
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