Tidepool Walks

Tidepool Walks

Olympic National Park is renowned for its diverse ecosystems, breathtaking landscapes, and abundant wildlife. One of the park’s hidden gems lies along the rugged coast of the Pacific Ocean, where low tides unveil a mesmerizing world of marine life within its tidepools. Whenever the tides recede, I host a tour of the tidepools at Beach 4 nestled between the Hoh and Quinault rainforests located on the western edge of Olympic National Park.

Allison, the Interpret Park Ranger at Kalaloch, and I host a tide pool walk during low tide for all the visitors. We begin the tour by informing them about the important ‘Tidepool Etiquette and Safety’ such as being careful about where you step so the visitors don’t disturb the sea creatures. It’s crucial to remind the visitors that the delicate ecosystems are there for us to observe and interact with but it also requires a level of caution in order to preserve the pristine conditions for future visitors. 

I decided to incorporate activities, or “quests”  for the visitors to do such as: 1. Find a Giant Green Anemone over 10 inches in diameter, 2. Lick a sea anemone, 3. Collect any trash that you can find.

Those who are able to complete these quests are rewarded with an ocean steward badge that is only available here at Kalaloch Ranger Station!

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