A Small World of Serendipity

A Small World of Serendipity

It’s about a month after my internship ended and I’ve waited on writing this final blog because I didn’t want to say goodbye. I loved working in Glacier. From the beautiful landscapes for hiking to the wonderful community in park housing it was hard to leave. On my last day of work I planned to give an hour long presentation on the soundscape project. With summer at its end and many seasonal staff departed I was surprised to see the room packed with people. The support of the park community radiated and I was full of gratitude to be a part of that community.

Soon after I traveled to Pittsburgh to present the soundscape project at the Geological Society of America Conference. The presentation was amazing, but what stuck with me was all the people I saw. A professor from my college, a person who grew up in a hometown neighboring mine, my supervisor’s dad, a classmate from middle school, and even a friend from Glacier! The world can be so small and full of serendipity. From the conference I was honored that my research was featured on the Geological Society of America website and a few news outlets, including Montana Public Radio and The Wildlife Society


Now I am doing another internship with Environment for the Americas, this time at Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GOGA), where I’m working on various natural resource projects with a focus on plants. But let’s step back for a minute. Time flies. At the beginning of this year I had only just applied for the Mosaics in Science internship, not knowing my next steps after graduation. At the end of this year I am now starting my second internship at a National Park Service site. I’m so excited for what the future holds and incredibly grateful for everyone that supported me in getting here. I won’t say goodbye quite yet, I’ll still be blogging on the GOGA page. See you later : )

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