Friends & Memories to Last a Lifetime

Friends & Memories to Last a Lifetime

Hi everyone! I wanted to take some time to update you on my adventures at Rocky Mountain. So far it’s been a wild ride. I’ve learned what to do during a lightning storm when you’re at a high elevation. I’m praying to the highest above that I never have to use that information. I’m now CPR certified and can now bust full u-turns in vans two times my car’s size over inclines. I’ve also seen more moose in the last couple of days than I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m definitely not in Ohio anymore y’all.


Something I have to admit, I’m extremely thankful for is the crew I work with. These people have been so supportive and welcoming the entire time. We even kick it on the weekends. We’ve been hiking next to waterfalls, stargazing, and going on hour-long trips to the discount grocery store because local stores selling papayas for twelve dollars each, is crazy.  With so much change happening around me, it’s nice to know I have a solid group of folks to explore Colorado with.


This summer I’ve also been living with a total of ten roommates. So far we’ve done three karaoke nights, two movie nights, two trips to the local Thai and Mexican restaurants, and a wild beach-themed birthday party. Shout out to the local Dollar Tree for supplying us with everything we’ve ever needed for every occasion. It’s been really fun, and there are so many other fun things we have planned like, white water rafting, trips to Denver, rodeos, cabin sleepovers, dress-like Adam Sandler parties, and skydiving. The list goes on, and I’m super excited I get to do all of this with these cool cats.  A motto I’m living by this summer is to try anyway, even if you’re scared. I’m stepping into this next chapter of my life with a little more confidence y’all! 

Wish me luck, everyone.

Till next time!

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