Living the dream

A picture of Flathead Lake at sunset

Living the dream

There’s so much that I’ve loved during my time here in West Glacier. Hikes every weekend, basking in sunshine and raindrops, and learning about the rich history of a national park have filled my time and made me so excited for what life will be like after my internship is over.

Aside from writing bi-weekly blog posts, I’ve also been doing a lot of journaling, writing for personal projects, and reflecting. One of my favorite things about this summer so far is feeling like I’ve had a lot of growth both in my career and as a person.



Over 50 days into my internship have shown me how much I love working in a job where I’m learning more about the world, especially in topics related to nature or history. I’ve also really enjoyed getting to write a lot, so I’m looking forward to looking into jobs that tie the two together as my internship comes to an end.


A white butterfly lays with its wings spread out on the leaf of a plant.
A butterfly I saw on my walk to work.

Recently, Glacier’s Research Learning Center co-led a STEAM Camp for a group of 12 middle school girls. Exploring leadership skills and careers in STEAM, I took pictures of camp activities and had so much fun interacting with the girls and watching them learn. At the beginning of the camp, each girl shared what they wanted to do when they grew up and it made me think back to my dream job when I was their age.


When I was younger I always wanted to work for National Geographic because I wanted take pictures, write stories, travel, and see the world. Being at a place in life where I’m getting to do all of the above makes me feel so lucky, and it was such a sweet reminder of how I’m right where I want to be after helping out with STEAM camp and reflecting in all my writing.

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