Side Quests of the Cuyahoga

Side Quests of the Cuyahoga

Becoming a wildlife biologist has been a journey. To be the best that I can be, I try every task to figure out if it is possible for me. While being an intern here at CUVA, opportunities come every time I walk into the office. Some of them I could have never imagined. If time prevails, I am working alongside the other interns in the park with their projects.

Biweekly, my schedule is set to early in the morning before sunrise. This is a result of bird banding. CUVA is currently in their second year of having a MAPS station in the park. The goal is to take note of birds that are being recaught in the park and track the population dynamics. Even though this isn’t a main project for my program, I still play a key part of the crew. Throughout the day, I aid in nest runs, identifying birds, possible extractions and net take downs. With each birding day, I gain an increased interest for these immaculate animals.

On a less frequent basis, I do butterfly surveys. The parks butterfly survey project goes to multiple sites and determines the abundance and diversity of butterfly species. This is done on a weekly basis with the aid of volunteers.

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