Eulachon Larval Sampling along the Nourse River.

The Missing Beaver

I spent most of this week in park wide training for first season park service staff but at the end of the week I led a hike on the Chilkoot Trail with the goal to reach several sample sites. When …

Nahku Bay, Alaska along the Dyea Road.

Polar Opposites?

After living in Skagway, AK for several weeks I have come to realize that even though Skagway is much different than Tampa, FL and that they are located on opposite sides of the North American continent they share many similar …

Boreal Toad found in Dyea.

Summer Projects

This summer I am working on a variety of projects such as air and water contamination, amphibian monitoring surveys, and fish larval sampling at Klondike Gold Rush NHP.

The town of Skagway is a major cruise ship destination and the …