My Project Results

My Project Results

After learning about how Guam’s coral reefs have been undergoing stressful events, there was no surprise as to what the results of my experiment would be. There was an overall decline in the number of coral colonies

History Class Outdoors

For the past two weeks, I have been at the office conducting various tasks, but more specifically, conducting background research to help me narrow down a project topic. One of the topics I researched is the background history of the …

Outreach Events

World Oceans Day

As one of the partners of Underwater World, the War in the Pacific park had an interactive booth on World Oceans Day. Josh, a summer intern under the PIPES program, and I were tasked to show visitors

Underwater Laboratory

For the past two weeks, I have been tasked to do background research on Guam’s coral reefs and start preparing a draft on a poster that will be used for future outreach events. In addition, I had the opportunity to …

Home Sweet Home

Håfa Adai!

My name is Brittany Tominez. This summer I will be interning as a natural resource interpretive assistant at the War in the Pacific National Historic Park on Guam. I was born and raised on Guam, so I have …