Shell-Mates: Turtles in Traps

August 2, 2018

For the past few weeks, Karl and I have been tracking 7 Western Pond Turtles in Redwood Creek. Using the transmitters attached to their shells, we can get a pretty good idea of their whereabouts, and sometimes, …

Raising Wild Fish

This week, Karl and I turned an errand to pick up fish food from the Don Clauson Hatchery (for an experiment later this summer!) into a field trip to learn about the Russian River’s Coho Broodstock Recovery Program. We met

Wishing on Sea Stars

During last Monday’s low tide, a team from the National Park Service’s Inventory and Monitoring Program met at Point Bolinas to gather data on the rocky intertidal. Luckily, Monday’s low tide was later than the ones the team chased through

When a Tree Falls… it’s LWD!

This week, my partner Karl and I started our habitat mapping project in Redwood Creek. Our first task for the mapping project was to collect geographic locations at the edges of the water and along the banks, and most importantly,

Spawn Until You Die

Today I joined Watershed Stewards Program (WSP) Members from Point Reyes on a smolt trapping adventure in Olema and Redwood Creek! It was a reunion of old friends from my WSP days and a lesson on Coho Salmon lifecycle monitoring.…