Every Breath You Take

How visitation is affecting the air quality in Carlsbad Cavern

Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas in Earth’s atmosphere, but in high concentrations, the gas can act as an asphyxiant. OSHA and other government agencies recommend a 5,000 parts …

再见 Carlsbad Caverns

My Mosaics in Science internship concludes this week, and as I say 再见(zàijiàn)—goodbye to Carlsbad Caverns, I wanted to reflect on my experiences here over the past three months.

This summer, I collected data on current environmental conditions in Carlsbad …

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My grandpa’s favorite saying was, “When you assume, you make an a** out of you and me.” This past week, I learned a costly lesson from making assumptions and it was a hard lesson in what NOT to do. I …

King's Palace

An Inside Look at the Resource Division at Carlsbad Caverns

The Resource Division at Carlsbad Caverns is responsibility for managing the park’s natural resources. The resources can be divided into three categories: paleontological (cultural resources), physical (caves, geology, hydrology), and biological (plants, animals).

Erin Lynch, Physical Science Technician, Carlsbad Caverns

Microbial Forests and Bat Nets

In the past week, I have had the pleasure of attending two fascinating talks here at Carlsbad Caverns National Park—Superbugs, Wonder Drugs, and Amazing Caves: Lechuguilla Cave and the future of antibiotic resistance by Katey Bender, graduate student of …

Carlsbad Visitor Use Management Project

Chinese Theatre in the Big Room, Carlsbad Cavern

This summer, I will be working on the Visitor Use Management (VUM) Project. VUM is a framework for park management to analyze visitor impacts on visitor experience and park resources. There is …