Keying In #6: Update!

11 July 2019

With only about three weeks left, here’s a quick update on my project and learning experience overall.

I’ve now completed analyses on snappers, groupers, and wrasse and am now working on barracuda, triggerfish, and filefish ?

In my …

100,000 Wading Birds

One of the Vital Signs monitored by the SFCN that I mentioned last week are Colonial Waterbirds. Birds have been a staple of Everglades ecosystem monitoring since long before our national parks were even established. In the late 1800’s, millions …

The Broader Theme

I’m about halfway through my summer now and the number one thing I’ve learned is persistence. Science is such a different thing than schooling. In school, the right answer is known. In science, it’s not.

The data I’m working with …