Ochre Sea Star (Pisaster ochraceus) and Giant Green Anemone (Anthopleura xanthogrammica)

Lifeboat #36542

Welcome to blog number seven as I enter my last month at Point Reyes! In this entry I will highlight a learning experience I have had. A couple of weeks ago I assisted as a deckhand for the launch of …

Calm Before the Storm

Everything at Lava Beds is deceptively calm this week. The offices and the Visitor Center have been quiet and even the wildlife seems subdued: when Emma and I went to check on the Bald Eagles, all the birds were napping …

Bat Guano and Kindergarteners

Question: What’s scarier, giving a presentation about bats to a group of fidgety kindergarteners or climbing down a rocky trench and into a massive cave?

Answer: Neither! Both are fantastic opportunities that will enrich your life and give you newfound …

Northern Spotted Owl (Photo by Kevin García López)

What a Hoot!

An unexpected adventure of my summer internship so far has been tagging along with Taylor Ellis, a park wildlife technician, for a Northern Spotted Owl (Strix occidentalis caurina) survey.

The Northern Spotted Owl is threatened under the Endangered …

Observing with computers at the Keck Observatory in Mauna Kea, Hawaii

A Little Bit about Me

Hi Ya’ll! My name is Caprice Phillips and my pronouns are she/her. This summer I am interning as a Night Skies Assistant at Sequoia National Park. I am an Arkansan born and raised in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Hot Springs is …

Wildcat Beach from Coastal Bluff

Birder Extraordinaire

Welcome to blog number five from Point Reyes National Seashore! This week’s blog will focus on introducing an influential person: my supervisor Carlo Arreglo!

Carlo Arreglo (left), Kevin García López (center), and Diego Morales (right) running visitor center operations
Carlo Arreglo (left), Kevin García López (center), and Diego Morales (right) running visitor center operations (Photo
Tomales Point

The Western Snowy Plover

This week’s blog will focus on something new I have learned. Given a recent outing with the park’s Snowy Plover biologist, I am excited to write about this very special shorebird than can be found in Point Reyes National Seashore! …

Bat, Chats, and Fun Facts

If four bat skeletons, three stuffed animals, two coloring pages, and one aggressively friendly smile can’t convince visitors to talk to you about bats, nothing can.

I stock my Bat Chat table with all these props and more, hoping to …

Memorial Day Weekend Camping

The Mojave Desert can be a hostile environment to live in, however, life continues to flourish despite extreme temperatures. Environment for the Americas organized a 2019 Memorial Day camping trip to bring together interns from Mosaics in Science and the …