Influential Persons

Estefanía Ramírez and I at Coronado National Memorial (Photo credit, Kubby, 2019).

This blog focuses on women because most of the time I am working with them. They are very intelligent, creative, and dedicated to what they love. 

Jessica Garcia

Corynorhinus townsendii

Bats in Southern Arizona

Corynorhinus townsendii. Bat netting at Chiricahua National Monument (Photo credit, Krebbs, 2019).

Since I started the internship, I haven’t stopped learning about other scientific fields different from my own. For example, I learned to work with bats. I did …

Memorial Day Weekend Camping

The Mojave Desert can be a hostile environment to live in, however, life continues to flourish despite extreme temperatures. Environment for the Americas organized a 2019 Memorial Day camping trip to bring together interns from Mosaics in Science and the …

Surveying Bald Eagle Nests

“Did you know that, in movies, they rarely use the actual call of a bald eagle?”

After hiking through pines trees, down a cave, over a trench, and up one of the tallest buttes in the park, I barely understood …

Rocky’s Enigmatic Glaciers

This summer, in addition to assisting with citizen science projects, my focus will be on glaciers in Rocky Mountain National Park. This will take the form of an institutional memory project (a collection of scientific papers, a timeline of scientific …