Wild Wildlife Walk

During my experience this summer I got an invitation to go out with the wildlife crew at Badlands. Immediately I got excited. With pure confidence I thought that I was going to see a black-footed ferret. I should have realized …

CVC Basement Overview

Holding Off the Hantavirus

Hi everyone, from the post-workshop end of time and space!

This is the first of my pre-workshop event posts that I’m writing post-workshop. A major component of our work at Dinosaur National Monument was organizing and cleaning the collections spaces. …

再见 Carlsbad Caverns

My Mosaics in Science internship concludes this week, and as I say 再见(zàijiàn)—goodbye to Carlsbad Caverns, I wanted to reflect on my experiences here over the past three months.

This summer, I collected data on current environmental conditions in Carlsbad …

My Project Results

My Project Results

After learning about how Guam’s coral reefs have been undergoing stressful events, there was no surprise as to what the results of my experiment would be. There was an overall decline in the number of coral colonies

How’s Living on a Volcano?

Kīlauea Volcano erupting. Photo by USA Today News.

Volcanic life is exciting. It’s grandiose and spectacular. Every morning, I feel grateful to walk outside and witness a true phenomenon, seeing how these islands that I am walking on have been …