Influential People I Know

For me, the two most influential people I know right now is my mom and my supervisor.

The first person is my mom who has been there for me all my life. She has always been there for my darkest …

New Supe for You

The staff at Capulin Volcano is thrilled as our acting superintendent, Fermin Salas, has arrived on-site. Fermin has a lot of great ideas for the park and has been a very warm addition to the group so far.  I conducted

My Project at Mt Rainier

My main project that I am going to be doing at Mt. Rainier National Park is guano collection, emergencies counts data, and contacting staff from other parks in the Pacific Northwest that are collecting guano and emergence counts data. 

To …

How WNS spreads

Something interesting that I learned in my internship is that there are multiple ways we can identify white nose syndrome in bats. We can DNA test there guano to see if they carry the disease. We can also see the …

Keying In #2: About Biscayne

Biscayne National Park, located about an hour south of Miami and nearest to Homestead, Florida, preserves Biscayne Bay, offshore barrier reefs, Elliott Key (the first Florida Key), and the northern part of the Florida Reef. Although the park (700 km

Surveying Bald Eagle Nests

“Did you know that, in movies, they rarely use the actual call of a bald eagle?”

After hiking through pines trees, down a cave, over a trench, and up one of the tallest buttes in the park, I barely understood …

A Brief History of Capulin Volcano

It dawned on me that though this is my fourth week here, I haven’t shared much about the park itself.  In 1890, inspector WD Harland of the General Land Office visited Capulin.  After his visitation, he recommended that the volcano