Eulachon Larval Sampling along the Nourse River.

The Missing Beaver

I spent most of this week in park wide training for first season park service staff but at the end of the week I led a hike on the Chilkoot Trail with the goal to reach several sample sites. When …

Consider the Sea Turtle

“Consider the sea turtle when you boat where they feed;

injuries can be avoided if we just reduce our speed.

Consider the sea turtle when you’re at the beach;

trash, holes and castles make the sea hard to reach.

Consider …

Turtle Patrol

Leatherback sea turtles are the largest of all living turtles, weighing up to 2000 pounds. They’re also the most pelagic (open ocean dwelling), while other sea turtle species spend most of their lives in neritic (nearshore) environments. Unlike other sea …

The things I count

I spend a lot of my time counting. It’s essential for the research I’m helping with at Buck Island Reef National Monument (BUIS). I count in order to determine seagrass and macro-algal species composition, structural complexity, and percent cover of …

It’s not easy being green

Seagrass ecosystems are incredibly important foundational ecosystems that provide a variety of ecological and economic services. These ecosystems, and the animals that rely upon them, have been threatened and disrupted by rapid declines and degradation in seagrasses worldwide. Much of …

Running On Island Time

Laura Palma reporting for duty! Destination: US Virgin Island St. Croix

I hail from the distant land of Miami Florida, born and raised. It’s also where I attained a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from Florida International University. As