Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore- Great Lakes Research and Education Center
November 28, 2018
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Goals of this project are twofold: develop BMPs and other pollinator education materials for Great Lakes park units and collect updated data on native bee diversity and abundance at INDU.  The Biologist Assistant/Pollinator Steward intern will participate in both initiatives. The intern will work with Great Lakes Research and Education (GLREC) staff and park interpreters to develop programs and materials to educate the public about the ecosystem benefits provided by native bees, and how they can support native pollinators. Additionally, the intern will work with the GLREC research coordinator to collect data for a native bee survey in the park. Specifically, the intern will be tasked with

1) organizing a citizen science “Bee Blitz” activity to assist U.S. Fish and Wildlife efforts for locating populations of the endangered Rusty Patched bumble bee;

2) developing BMPs for Great Lakes park units, educational materials, interpretive programs, and social media content on native pollinators;

3) conducting field work using standardized protocol; and

4) processing samples and preparing specimens for identification by experts. Additionally, the intern will assist with other natural resource projects as needed including, but not limited to vernal pool research, invasive species removal, and water quality monitoring. This position is ideal for a motivated student interested in biodiversity, environmental monitoring, and science outreach.

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